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The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is asking local media to set the record straight, so here goes: Associated Bank signs featuring Green Bay Packers receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are not on fire.

County dispatchers have received dozens of calls over the past week mistakenly reporting that the signs are burning. The truth is the billboards include a fog device as part of a simulation of Nelson exiting the tunnel into Lambeau Field.

One billboard featuring Nelson is on State 172, just east of County GV in Bellevue. The other sign, featuring Cobb, is on State 29, a half mile east of mile marker 250 in the town of Pittsfield. The fog devices are scheduled to run Friday afternoon through Sunday during the Packers season.

Don Snyder, general manager of Lamar Advertising in Green Bay — which operates the billboard on 172 — said this is the first time the agency has used a fog machine in its advertising. He said Associated Bank requested the fog machine and the bank’s marketing department bought the machine and had it shipped to Lamar to be used on the nfl nike jerseys china

He said the sign company hasn’t received any complaints from concerned citizens regarding the billboard. However, after the Sheriff’s Department received a few emergency calls, Snyder said some clarification needed to be made to the public.

“We’ve worked and cooperated with them (the Sheriff’s Department) in relation to other projects,” he said. “We wanted to make sure we got out ahead of this to prevent any confusion and let people know there shouldn’t be any concern.”

The sign on State 29 is operated by Jones Sign. Company officials were not immediately available for comment.

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The start of the Brett Hundley era Sunday, October 22nd at Lambeau Field didn’t go as many fans and players had hoped, but WR Jordy Nelson said there was some good that came out of the game against the New Orleans Saints.

“We got off to a good start. The run game was great. Aaron Jones did an excellent job running, especially that first possession. I think he went 70 to 75 yards, and he went and finished it with a big touchdown, and that’s what he’s able to bring to this team — that ability to take it a long way and score on a big play. Brett, I thought handled himself extremely well the whole game — in the huddle, outside the huddle, made some plays with his feet and just as an offense, we didn’t make enough of them and as a team, just continue to make more plays and do a better job,” Nelson said.

FOX6’s Tim Van Vooren: “How was Brett Hundley this week in practice — your first chance to really see him in an extended setting like that and how do you think he carried himself (Sunday)?”

“I thought he did a great job all week. I think he’s very confident. I think he understands what he’s doing. Communication between him and the coaches and him and the receivers and O-line is continuing to grow. I think everything went smooth through the week. Like I said, we just have to make a few more plays in games and we will be feeling good,” Nelson said.

Tim Van Vooren: “You’re close with Aaron Rodgers. I know you’ve been in contact with him. How’s he doing and is he talking at all about whatever might be next for him?”

“We haven’t got to that. I just checked on him the other day to see how he’s doing. Shot some text messages back and forth. He’s dealing with surgery obviously, and anyone that’s had surgery, it’s not the most enjoyable couple of days, so hopefully I’ll be checking on him (Sunday night or Monday). Hopefully he’s gotten over that first hump of dealing with post-surgery stuff and starting to relieve some pain and get back to where he’s able to do somethings and he’ll be back here after the bye,” Nelson said.

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