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Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters’ friendship with Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is rock solid.

Not only did Lynch sprint from the sideline to help Peters during a game last month in Oakland, but Peters tried to get Lynch’s suspension overturned. The two Oakland natives are such good friends that Lynch can laugh about the time Peters once started a fire at Lynch’s house.

Speaking on “No Script with Marshawn Lynch,” an online show produced by Bleacher Report, Peters talked about an incident that once happened while he was staying at Lynch’s house.

Peters said his mother and aunt had made him lumpias*, and after traveling to Lynch’s house decided to cook them in oil on the stove top.

*Also known as a Filipino egg roll

“Mind you I was tired as I was making them,” Peters said. “I made me a couple of them, I’m eating them as they come out hot and fresh. I made about a good six of them, probably a little more than that. Before I could even get to making that other second batch of lumpias, I’m asleep. …”

Peters said he dozed off for about 10 minutes when the smoke alarm woke him up.custom football jerseys cheap

“I forgot to turn the damn oil off,” Peters said. “The heat and the grease started melting the microwave, the microwave plastic dropped in the hot oil. I mean, the house caught on fire. So I panicked, I’ve never been around no fire like that.”

Peters said he threw water on the oil, which didn’t help. Then he threw flour on the fire and put it out. But there was smoke everywhere.

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“All this black smoke went into his room and (messed) up all his clothes,” Peters said.

Lynch was gone at the time but arrived to the smoky scene.

“I open the door to go to my room (and) all my clothes got, what is it called, soot,” Lynch said.

There is quite a bit of bad language in the episode, but you can watch it here.

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters will be giving away 250 turkeys — plus sides — to those in need in advance of Thanksgiving.

Peters, who is working in conjunction with his Oakland-based Fam 1st Family Foundation, will be distributing the turkeys from 12-3 p.m. Monday at the Gregg/Klice Community Center, located at 1600 John Buck O’Neil Way in Kansas City.

The event — which is called the “It Takes A Village Turkey Distribution — is a continuation of a program that Peters’ foundation, co-founded with fellow NFL players Josh Johnson and Marshawn Lynch, has been holding in his hometown of Oakland for 11 years.

The event is an extension of Peters’ ongoing efforts to help those in need.

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